Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I should have quit while I had the chance.

"Don't quit RHA!" was the advice that my mother gave me when I told her I was going to work at HB's.
"But Mom," I protested, "I'm going to be working full-time. I'll need my days off to recover if I'm going to be give this assistant manager thing my best effort."
"RHA pays for your insurance so you shouldn't give it up," she said. "It's not a hard job and they've taken really good care of you."

Why oh why oh why did I listen???

About two weeks into HB's it was obvious that working both jobs was going to be too exhausting. I had twenty days in a row where I'd be work 8+ hours, and before I was halfway through I couldn't think straight anymore. So I thought, "I'll turn in my notice now, and give RHA a couple of weeks to find a replacement for me to train."

Then my boss' father went to the emergency room and she wasn't in the office. After being at RHA for seven years, it just didn't seem like a conversation that should happen through e-mail or over the phone.

Then my boss told me that her father was going into hospice care and she needed as much help as she could get covering her shifts at work so she could be with him. Well, I'd feel absolutely shitty if I tried to quit while her dad's dying. So I kept my mouth shut and picked up as many shifts as I could squeeze around my HB's schedule.

I mean, I could just talk to the CEO and make arrangements that way, but it would add to her stress and that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid since this is obviously one of the most difficult periods of her life. I'm stuck in this weird place where I'm kinda waiting for this guy to die so his daughter will come back to work and I can quit. Just counting down the days until it will be appropriate to say, "By the way, I gotta go." Because after he goes, I assume she'll need a week or two covered so she can mourn and take care of legal stuff. Then when she gets back I'll have to tell her that I want to leave. She'll have to interview replacements, which will take another week at least, and then I'll have to train the newbie. That's at least a month, maybe more time.

It's my own fault. I should have gone with my instincts instead of listening to other peoples' opinions. I fear that if I'm not out of RHA by the end of the year I'll start getting really resentful about my situation and blaming other people for it, and I don't want that.
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