Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

First day at Hicklebee's

Today was my first day at HB’s.
My heart was pounding!

The former store manager was there when I arrived. It sounds like she’ll be coming down once a week or so for the foreseeable future to train me and to help keep the store running. Thank goodness! I’m going to work as hard as I can but having the entire work load dropped on my shoulders all at once probably wouldn’t go very well.

After we got hiring paperwork out of the way and set-up my new e-mail address, she showed me how to use the registers, which is quite the experience as they all run on an antiquated DOS program. It was a bit more complicated than the usual register, but it’s nice to have a system where inventory is connected to the POS again. I quite missed that feature at VHOB.

I spent a couple of hours putting books out on the shelves. At VHOB, unpacking shipment rarely took longer than half an hour. At HB’s it’s an all-day affair. I was happy as a bluebird, though. I always liked stocking best at Bath & Body Works; there’s something pleasant and cathartic about organizing inventory neatly in a display. But on a more practical note, putting the books away helped familiarize me with the layout of the store and what sort of books we carry. So it wasn’t just menial labor – it was educational and productive.

I also learned how to do payroll, since I’ll be taking care of that next week. (I know, responsibility!) It wasn’t too difficult. They use ADP, which is what we used at Lush so I’m already familiar with their interface. I just have to make sure I’m tracking everyone’s hours correctly and the app should take care of the rest.

While not an exciting first day, it was pleasant and productive. My new co-workers seem nice so I really hope that I made a good first impression.
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