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08 October 2015 @ 08:57 pm
Status update: Busy but fine.  
My boss keeps asking me, “Are you feeling overwhelmed?” I think she’s feeling a little guilty because she and the other store owner are heading up to Oregon, effectively leaving me in charge only a few days after I started.

But to answer her question, no. No, not yet.

I feel very busy, but I love that there’s always something to do. I can stock books. I can update the store’s social media accounts, because I’ve taken over that duty. I can continue probing the mysteries of IBID, our DOS-based register/inventory system. I can tidy up the back since it always seems like something needs to be straightened or tidied up. I can print out forms since apparently the majority of the staff never learned how to use the printer or the new copier.

So I feel busy, but not overwhelmed.

I also feel increasingly aware of how little I know. I was confident when I started this job that I could pick things up fairly quickly. To some degree, I still believe this. Most of the tasks I’m given are similar to what I’ve done before, just with an extra step or a slightly different way of doing things. But there’s a lot that’s new to me, and the challenge of learning something new while retaining the information already learned is refreshing.

I might feel overwhelmed later, but right now I’m doing OK.

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