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19 October 2015 @ 08:01 am
An Example of Demographic Change in Silicon Valley  
At RHA, there was a party on Saturday. A group of retired teachers was holding a fundraiser for their organization. As I was half-listening to them chat with each other, I got to thinking that we used to have a lot more teacher-related events at the Clubhouse. Promotions, retirements, fundraisers, celebrations - five to seven years ago we'd host at least a dozen of these. But teacher events here have dried up, especially in the past two years, and this is why:

When the baby boomers were starting to make their way in the world, the houses in RHA were just the sort that a two income professional family could afford. Quite a few of the households here had one or two teachers. When these residents started retiring, the events associated with their careers and professional organizations started disappearing from our schedule. This was exacerbated by the fact that we remodeled the Clubhouse a few years ago and rental prices increased dramatically, so the teachers who were still working tended to pick other, cheaper venues when they were available.

When new Generation X or Y families move in here, the parents are nearly always lawyers, doctors, or associated with a tech start-up. You never see a teacher moving in now. They've been priced out of this neighborhood in Los Gatos.

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