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Litquake: Horror and Hilarity with Christopher Moore and S. G. Browne

Tonight I had a bit of a treat, thanks to Litquake. Christopher Moore and S. G. Browne sat in conversation to discuss “Horror and Hilarity”, topics both men are quite familiar with. Browne’s novel Breathers looks at the undead in a fresh new light while Moore’s A Dirty Job and Secondhand Souls examines death with compassion and humor. Present to moderate and lead the discussion was journalist Zack Ruskin.

Like an idiot, I didn’t take notes during the talk, so now that I’m here in front of my laptop I can’t remember anything the men said. It doesn’t help that I’ve seen them both before – Moore many times and S. G. Browne earlier this year when we hosted him at VHOB – so even if I think I’m remembering something clever I’m not sure if they said it at Litquake or earlier. This is why my husband is the journalist; I’m terrible at it.

One thing that did stand out to me was that both men ended up talking a lot about craft, which was a pleasant surprise. Both men described their general writing routine, their sources of inspiration, how they wrap their head around a character, and challenges they’ve faced in getting their ideas onto paper. They agreed that they found editors extremely helpful, but don’t necessarily follow every single suggestion they’re given when revising a novel.

I had expected a large crowd, so I didn’t bring any books with me for the authors to sign after the talk. For some reason, attendance wasn’t too heavy – perhaps there was some other Big Deal Author speaking tonight? - so it would have been very easy to get S. G. Browne to sign my copy of Big Egos and Moore’s autograph in my fancy copy of Lamb. Alas. Next time.
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