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What kind of weird-ass kid prank calls bookstores?

The last couple of days we’ve been having a problem with a kid prank-calling the store. He’s spoken to other employees before, but yesterday was the first time I had the pleasure of talking to him.

The first conversation seemed normal enough:
Me: Thank you for calling HB’s. How can I help you today?
Kid: Do you have a book called Nurses in stock?
Me: The Nurses by Alexandra Robbins?
Kid: Yes, that’s the one.
This seems a little odd to me because it’s an adult book and the caller sounds no older than eleven or twelve, but maybe he’s an advance reader.
Me: What name should I hold the book under?
Kid: [Name].
Me: And what phone number should we call when it arrives?
Kid gives me a number, which I write down, and finish off the call.

I think nothing of it until a few minutes later, when we get another call. I answer the phone:
Kid: Do you have a book called Nurses in stock?
Me: Didn’t I just speak to you?
Kid: No.
It sounds like the same person so this seems a bit suspicious.
Me: Ok…well, we don’t have the book in stock but we can order it for you.
Kid: I would like to order a classroom set. 36 copies.
Me: A classroom set?
Kid: Yes.
Me: And which school is this for?
Kid: Rocketship.
Me: Which Rocketship?
Kid: San Jose.
Rocketship is a charter school that has several locations throughout the city. A teacher would refer to the school by its address or neighborhood – like Rocketship Alma or Rocketship Spark Academy. Not by the city.
Me: I’ll need to request a purchase order; let me take down your number and call you back.
Kid gives me a phone number and hangs up. Just for fun, I call the number back and of course it’s disconnected. I go into the computer, cancel the previous order for The Nurses, and tear up the order form.

Today, the kid called back, pretending to be someone else. The first time, I answered and he tried to place an order for a book “about pies” but didn’t know the title. I told him that I couldn’t find the book he was looking for but if he called back when he had the full title I’d be happy to order it for him. He said that he was in the store and would be at the front desk in a minute. Of course, we never saw him.

He called a couple more times. Each time a different employee picked up and, upon realizing it was the prank caller, got off the phone as quickly as possible without hanging up on him.

When he called back two minutes later, a co-worker answered. After talking in a circle with him, she asked if she could please speak to an adult. He hung up on her.

A few minutes later, he called again. I picked up. He whined, “My father called this store a few minutes ago and your employee complimented him by saying he sounded young. He’s very sensitive to such compliments and now he wants to kill himself. Why do you make my father want to die?” I pointed out that most people like receiving compliments and he hung up. Comments, kid. Get your vocabulary in order when you’re wasting people's time.

He didn’t call back that night, but according to the women who usually work Wednesday nights he’s been calling for a couple of weeks now, so it’s probably too much to hope that he’s done.
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