Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Little life mysteries

At work there's a little 6" monk statue in one of the planter boxes. I always wonder who gives him the coins? His bowl is so full that people have started throwing the change in the dirt next to him.

At RHA there's this little monk statue sitting in one of the planter boxes.  He's only about six inches tall.  Every day he stands there, holding out his little terracotta bowl.  A year or two back, someone put a coin in his bowl.  Then someone else did (or maybe it's the same person every time) and then another.  Now his bowl is always full of coins.  In fact, it's got so much change that people have just started dropping the coins to the side of him, piling quarters and nickels in the dirt.

I've never seen anyone do this, so I always wonder which residents or gardeners are leaving the money behind.

I'm also genuinely shocked that no one seems to be taking the coins away.  Many times as I walk by I'm tempted to grab a few to feed my Starbucks habit, but the fact that no one else has been naughty enough to steal the monk's change keeps me from "borrowing" it, too.
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