Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

2015 New Year's Resolution: November Update

With two months left, how is my one New Year's resolution faring?


Current backlogs are:
k00kaburra: up from 326 to 364 entries

Note: This backlog number makes no sense. I must have miscounted in October since even at my most negligent it would be impossible to increase the backlog by 37. Each backlog entry is one day, and there are only 31 days in October, after all. So not sure what happened there. Oops.
Accuracy aside, the simple fact remains that the backlog is not getting smaller.

fashion_piranha: steady at 82 reviews

Well, I didn't manage to chip away at the backlog but at least I kept it from getting worse. Book reviews are slightly easier to write, even though they're longer. I guess it's because I spend all day thinking about books at work.
Tags: resolutions

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