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27 June 2003 @ 03:57 pm
Utterly Pointless  
In the 1990s, weakness, dependence, passivity, and childlikeness, have been key themes in Western youth culture and fashion.

*Blink.* I am truly clueless. I never noticed dependence, of all things, being a key theme of the culture. Merp. Whatever. Interesting article, anyway.

I'm turning into a major drudge; after work I spent the day at home, puttering around. I'm waitint 'til seven to start laundry; otherwise, I'll probably just shift junk around in my room in an attempt to clean it a bit and make it inhabitable. I kinda like it a disgusting mess, but other people have issue with disaster areas...poo.

(Kinda wishing I'd bought some j-rock CDs instead of manga at Fanime...sigh.)
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: "akura no oka" by DeG
mutantstar on June 28th, 2003 08:33 am (UTC)
Mess is good but the dust makes me sneeze.
Leishu Lininu_ranma on June 29th, 2003 11:26 am (UTC)
I think that person majorly overestimated the effect that the Japanese kawaii culture had on the Western world...
egovamp on June 29th, 2003 09:14 pm (UTC)
Consider my own addiction to anime as fodder for that argument, along with a convention full of people who are addicted to anime.