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02 November 2015 @ 08:43 pm
Stomach pains  
Last night I had the most horrific cramps. I don't know what triggered them. Something I ate? Something I did?? I was sitting on the couch when I started to get a dull ache, and I thought maybe dinner wasn't settling well. But the pain got sharper and harsher, 'til all I could do was lie curled up like a shrimp with a heat pack pressed to my abdomen. We called the advice nurse at Kaiser, and she said that since it wasn't concentrated on one side it probably wasn't appendicitis, so I should stick it out as best I could. To help manage the pain, I should take an Advil or a Motrin and check back later.

The pain was gone the next morning, and I feel fine now. If it comes back later this evening or in December, I guess it'll be time to worry about it. Otherwise, I'll assume it was just some freak one-off event. I know some women get nasty pain every month, but I've been lucky and it's never been one of the side effects of the menstrual cycle. It would be such a pity to start having cramps regularly.
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