Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

My kingdom for an editor

One of the things I miss most about university is having someone to read over my papers and correct my grammar mistakes. My professors - especially Dr. Junkerman and Dr. Movassat - were fastidious in their editing, and my writing improved enormously under their tutelage. Dr. Junkerman was great at recognizing patterns, and opened my eyes to several bad habits I have with pronouns. She was also a constant advocate for brevity and for choosing the correct word for a description or situation. Dr. Movassat was tough on structure, and would encourage me to re-write large segments of my paper so that the overall argument would be more cohesive and clear.

Without their intervention, the quality of my writing has certainly declined, and a sloppiness has slipped in. I wish their lessons had proven more sticky, but for the failure I blame lack of application, not their good and mighty efforts.
Tags: sjsu, writing

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