Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I can't believe she did it again.

You know, the reason managers stop being willing to give second chances is they see the same patterns repeat over and over again.  Case in point: remember the seasonal employee who bailed on an eight-hour shift with no notice?  SHE JUST DID IT AGAIN.

Last week she told me that she had a schedule conflict and wouldn't be able to come in on the 26th. Her mother had assumed that being hired as "holiday" help meant we would only need her through Christmas Eve, and had scheduled the entire family for a trip. Fair enough, I suppose.  I always think of the holidays as extending through New Year's since that's been standard at EVERY RETAIL JOB I've ever worked, but OK.  I see her point.  What I don't see is why she's just bringing this up now - I made that schedule back in November and it's been posted all over the place.  She should have taken care of this weeks ago.

So I tell her the same thing that I said before: get the shift covered by a coworker.  I gave her the names of two people I thought might be willing and left her to sort it out.

Except, of course, she didn't.  On Christmas Eve, about an hour after the store closed, I received the following e-mail:

(Would you mind forwarding this to the rest of the staff, please?)

I mentioned it last week, but I am not available to work on Saturday, December 26. I mistakenly believed that "you'll be working with us for the holidays" meant "you will be working with us until Christmas" as it did last year. It was truly an honor working with all of you, and I hope you will consider me in the future if anyone needs shifts covered, or if the store needs extra staff for events, gift-wrappers, or anything else over the coming year.

Thank you all so much, and I sincerely I hope I didn't frustrate or annoy everyone too much.

She doesn't mention if she even tried to contact the people I recommended.  If she's still "terrified" of the staff, perhaps she procrastinated until the very last minute or simply didn't bother to try.

Well, honey, that's one way to get yourself crossed off the future re-hire list.

If I can't trust you to get your shifts covered, or to communicate your inability to do so in a reasonable timeframe so that I can see what other options we have, why would I ask you back?  I don't need that added stress.
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