Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Blogging Math

My blog stats as of this date are as follows:
k00kaburra: 421 entries
fashion_piranha: 105 entries
Total backlog: 526 entries

If I write a daily entry for my personal blog and four times a week for the book blog, that's a theoretical base of 11 blog entries a week. If I were to try to tackle one backlog blog entry per day, how long would it take to knock them all out?

Let's say that the best I can manage is two blogs each day. That means I will only tackle four backlogged entries each week. At that rate, it will take over two and a half years to get back to baseline. Ugh.

What if I could push the average up to three blogs each day? Hypothetically, I could make that happen if I really really really worked at it. After all, some blogs are pretty short – subscription box reviews and new release update posts can be put together relatively quickly. Other posts can be shared on both my personal and book blog with minimal editing, which would have a two for the price of one effect. So I think that if I put my blinders on and get serious about cutting out the “Interneting” that distracts me each day, I could do it. Three blogs a day would be a whopping twenty-one a week, eleven of which would be backlog. That would have me finishing up the backlog in about twenty-five weeks, or around the end of June.

But let's be realistic, folks. Not all blogs are equal. Travel posts take a long time because there are usually photos to include. Movie reviews are difficult for me to write. There's no way I'd be writing three posts on a day I'm analyzing the newest Disney movie.

Plus, there will be days when I don't write anything at all. When I'm traveling I very rarely blog – and I already have several possible trips so odds are good I'll have days when nothing gets written.

What if I commit to two and a half entries per day? I think that would be a reasonable goal. It would be hard but not impossible. At seventeen and a half entries per week, I'd finish in a little over thirty weeks. That's sometime in the middle of August.

Again, these numbers are dependent on me cutting WAY THE HECK BACK on spending time on the Internet, and we all know that the mindless addiction of Facebook browsing is incredibly hard to break.

So let's see what I can do.
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