Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Got my seasonals sorted!

We interviewed candidates for the seasonal gift wrapping positions and successfully filled them.  We will have three young women: one daughter of a current employee, one regular customer overflowing with enthusiasm for HB's, and one homeschooled teenager with excellent weekday availability.

That annoying job applicant continued to call and send e-mails after my post about him. I let him know today that the holiday positions were full and once again had no openings. In his response he mentioned:

My friends and family, enjoy the HB's Book Store and the authors, that visit. Thank you, for saving my resume. Happy upcoming, holidays and take care.

What a pity that he didn't mention any previous knowledge of the store - although note that he didn't say HE enjoys the books and author visits, but that his friends and family do.  But based on his previous communication, I had no way to know he had any interest in the position other than that it was an potential paycheck.  His constant messages made him too annoying for me to want him on the team, but if he'd dialed that back and mentioned a familiarity with the store in his initial e-mail I probably would have interviewed and ended up hiring him.

But overall I'm pleased with the team I've got.  The homeschooled teenager might be a bit difficult because she has no previous job experience, but I'm thrilled that the regular customer is joining us for the holidays.  The fact that I recognize her at events and I've only been working here a month really showcases how involved she is at the store, which is a great sign for future engagement.
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