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Tech Support

One of the Board members called to see if he could come down to get help on a Powerpoint presentation.  It isn't a particularly good morning for it, since I have to finish up the draft for the minutes from the last Board meeting and the Clubhouse is booked for a memorial service later today.  I asked him what he needed help with; if it was easy, I could probably talk him through the process over the phone.

He explained that last time he did a Powerpoint presentation ten years ago, his assistant took care of it, so he needs help finding out how to "add the bullets".  It turns out he means add text, background, images, and basically he has no idea how to make a Powerpoint program.

I don't mind helping elderly residents with their computer problems if they've been working on something and they get stuck, but I'm not going to sit down and teach you how to use a program from scratch.  I don't have the patience and, as previous attempts have shown, the gift of teaching technology to a generation that didn't grow up with it.  I'm also not able to make the entire presentation like an assistant used to do, because I've got my own projects to work on in the office.

As he was getting off the phone he said, "Well, I guess I'll just watch that tutorial my son sent me."
That's where you should have started, sir!  Education starts at home.
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