Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Why would you ever want to stop working?

Me: Maybe I can finally take a day off today!
Universe: HAHAHAHA no.

I had hoped that I would be able to take today off of work, since there's an event tomorrow night and inventory on Sunday. But yesterday I realized that payroll had to be submitted on Friday if it was to be processed in time, so I resigned myself to an hour or two in the store. It was still most of a day off, so it was OK.

Then around eight this morning one of my coworkers texted that she was sick and couldn't come in to do the ordering.
First thought: Oh no, we need to get our orders in!
Second thought: Wait, the other woman who does ordering is already on the schedule for today. If I just go in and cover her sales floor shift long enough to finish getting our orders submitted to the distributors, I will still be out of the store relatively quickly. Three hours or so.

So I go in and we quickly discover that ordering will be a pain, because we've got several large online customer orders to sort out. It's a good thing for the store, just time-consuming. Instead of covering the first hour or two of my co-worker's shift, as I'd expected, I worked the entire thing as she rushed to get the order in before the weekend.

Finally I was free to go to the back and start inputting payroll. I sit down at my office chair and not two minutes later an author comes in to talk to someone about getting his books carried in his store. No appointment, no research into the store's independent author program (which is all posted on the store website), NOTHING. I wanted to scream at him, but I was good. I cut off his sales pitch as nicely as I could and gave him a brochure about the self-published program. I was honest and told him I was under a deadline and really couldn't talk at the moment, but if he would please read through the brochure and call sometime next week we'll see about setting up an appointment.

He went away and I FINALLY got the payroll done, but my glorious day off had shrunk down to an evening, which is not the same at all. I spent most of the evening watching Downton Abbey with Seanie or playing video games instead of cleaning the house as originally planned.
Tags: work

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