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Ipsy: February 2016


This month's make-up bag is pretty cute. The pebbled texture almost looks like beadwork from a distance, and I can't help but think of rom-com movies like You've Got Mail! when I see the little envelope with a heart on it. The flip side is shiny hot pink vinyl, which I suspect is only the first splash of pink we'll see in this bag.

LUXIE BEAUTY Small Tapered Blending Eye Brush: This small-headed brush is a bit too rounded for contouring or shaping, but it is great for blending eye shadow colors together. Full size. $12.00

DR. BRANDT PoreDermabrasion: This pore-perfecting exfoliator will supposedly deep clean and refine pores so they'll appear smaller. It's a pricey exfoliator, but I'm always willing to give things a try. I've heard good things about the Dr. Brandt brand, although I can't recall any specific products. Travel size. $7.25

BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS Mineral Blush in “Desert Rose”: I could swear I've been sent a pot of this blush before. Was it through Ipsy or through another subscription box? I can't remember anymore. It's a good blush; I quite like it so I'm glad to get another one. Travel size. $30.00

MY AMAZING LEAVE IN SECRET Spray Conditioner: More crap to spray in my hair! Hooray. That's not sarcastic, I really am pleased about it. I try to always use a leave-in primer or conditioner every day, but since I have a lot of hair I go through bottles really quickly. I can always use more. Travel size. $3.00

IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Under Eye in “Neutral Medium”: I've been using a Bare Essentials under eye concealer cream and it does a wonderful job, but I liked IT Cosmetics' BB Cream so I will definitely give this a good trial run. Travel size. $9.25

For a bag called “Pretty in Pink” there was very little pink in the bag! True, the brush has a pink handle, but only the BellaPierre blush will actually leave a pink color on the skin. I'm a little disappointed that there wasn't a good pink lipstick or gloss in the bag.


Ipsy is a subscription service that sends a cosmetics bag filled with 4-5 products every month. It's $10 per month (plus tax). If you'd like to sign up or learn more, please consider using my referral link:
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