Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

HB's Three Month Review

Today my boss sat me down and said we ought to have a little talk, get a little caught up on where we stand, three months into my employment at HB's.  In other words, it was review time.

The bad news: she doesn't feel I'm ready for promotion to full store manager.  That's fine.  I don't think I'm ready, either.  Honestly.  There's too much I don't know about the bookselling world, about buying for a new season or how "co-op" works (or what co-op even is!) and how returns should be timed.  I know I'll learn it eventually, but right now I'm just too aware of the gaps in my knowledge.

The good news: she and her sister, who co-owns HB's, don't feel the need to look for a store manager. So I may not be ready yet, but as far as they're concerned I am definitely on track to be store manager.  I'm just too new, too green, too raw to make that jump right now.

That's fine with me!  Honestly, as long as I don't hear the words, "You're fired!" I'm happy.

I asked my boss what she thought I needed to work on. She mulled it over for a minute and said she didn't think there was any specific problem or deficiency; as things come up we address it in the moment and it's taken care of.  She doesn't think there's a recurring problem to cause concern.  That's a huge relief, too.

I know that my boss wasn't planning to kick me to the curb, not after the company decided to send me to Winter Institute, but it was still great to hear that we're all pleased with how things are shaping up right now.
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