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Darlin', you make darn good pizza.

You Are Beauty
You are Beauty.

You are beautiful, whether it be on the inside, the
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Hanging with the girls is just so much more fun than hanging with boys, sometimes. Not always - boys are good fun, too, and often it is cleaner, to boot. But girl nights out are the greatest stress relief in the world.

Last Friday Kitty, Bandaid and I were bored to tears. My family was out of town, and I was a bit stir-crazy from doing nothing. Since we're going to the beach on July 4th, Kitty decided I needed a new swimsuit, so we grabbed Bandaid and headed off to the mall to buy one. I was very, very insistant - I wanted boy short bottoms (my ass is not for all to see, kyaa!) and a tankini top. Kitty and Bandaid both thought I definitely needed a triangle top. ;_; They say boob-less look good in those...I dun think I agree.

Bandaid needed sandals, so first we popped by Payless Shoes. Bandaid and I are 7.5/8, which is horribly big. When shopping with Kitty, who has tiny little size 5 feet, it is depressing because you feel like Bigfoot. (Just like when you shop with Kitty for bras; it makes you feel like Littleboob.) There were so many adorable shoes. There were two pairs I really wanted - a pair of pink platform platforms (they also came in neon green and black - I would happily have worn any shade) and white tennis shoes with little cherries on the side. It's totally rockabilly! ^_^ (Which, granted, is a fashion trend I overall do not endorse. But it also reminded me of pin-up girls, which are fun. And cherries are fruitsy and lolita, too!) I ended up being the only one to spend money - and not on either pair I'd been eyeing, either. I really need a pair of black strappy dress sandals to wear with skirts, so I bought a pair that was relatively comfortable for $15.

We wandered around the mall, stopping for food (Kitty bought an Orange Julius that I cheerfully stole from; Bandaid picked up Chinese food for her growling stomach) and make-up at Bare Escentuals.

In Macy's we found a swimsuit for me. It is pink, with a halter-style triangle top (Kitty and Bandaid won!) and boy shorts. It has a hawaiian print on it, which I objected to at first, but it isn't as horrible as some of the ones I've seen, at least. Kitty and Bandaid say I look cute in it, and while I have my personal objections I'll let them speak for it, since I loath certain parts of my anatomy. At any rate, they thought it looked good enough that they each bought a piece for me: Kitty the boobies, Bandaid the butt. (I think...) Thank you thank you thank you!

Kitty and Bandaid also riced up their cellies while we were at the mall. Bandaid's is a funky orangeish-reddish color and Kitty's is blue with silver roses. Both also got flashing batteries. ^_^

Back at Kitty's house we tanned our legs with self-tan lotion from Bath and Body Works. I had a couple of bad patches the next day from where I missed spots; but we'll do touch-up on Monday. Kitty and Bandaid also did pilates while waiting for their legs to dry; I read Vogue and watched the clock because I had to pick up the boi at midnight. He was bringing me a Hawaiian pizza.

At eleven or so I left Kitty's to get the boi. He was late, but at least he showed up. (I was getting ready to leave when his bus finally pulled in.) Yummy yummy pizza. Mmmmmmmmmm.

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