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26 February 2016 @ 11:10 pm
No one takes my last day seriously, not even me.  
"It's my last day," I informed our maintenance manager.

"That's what YOU think!" he replied cheerfully. He and the CEO are both in complete denial that I intend to leave. Perhaps they're right. It would be more accurate to call this my last regular shift. I may not have put myself on the schedule for March, but I'm still 'on call' for emergencies.

Still, I tried to prepare the office for my departure. I trained another office assistant to take my place and purged all of my old documents off of the computer. I didn't quite finish all the projects sitting in my inbox, but they can be delegated to someone else. I didn't remove my name from my inbox or empty out my snack stash so I guess subconsciously I expect to be back soon, but I look forward to having my weekends open and free for the foreseeable future.
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