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Models & Massages

Ugh, what a busy day. I am so tired.
It was the first day of summer quarter at DeAnza. I signed up for Intro To Massage, but after attending the first class meeting I don't think I will keep it. It will move at a very fast pace, and requires me to buy a whole bedsheet set, lotion, two textbooks, and potentially a massage table. (Kyaa! No way!) That will add up very quickly to more than I can afford. I'd have to wear a bathing suit to every class, and my basic insecurites can't handle that. And there's this creepy guy who calls himself Sai - one of those dirty, unkempt men with limbs that are too rounded, so that if he sits upon his ankles he looks like he has stubs, not legs - and I never want to see him again, because he scared me. I most certainly do not wish to see him every day, all summer long, half-naked. **cringe** It's still something I'm interested in, but...this is not the proper time.

After school I had an audition with John Robert Powers, a modeling/acting school. Bandaid came with me, because
A/ I'm too chicken to go on my own, and
B/ She actually wants to be an acturess. It was a bit exciting. They took a group of about forty (one-third babies, one-third children/tweens, and a third older teenagers/adult) into a conference room where we watched a silly promo video that featured ads from magazines flashing between "Modeling is Life!" and lists of all the famous graduates of JRP. When our minds were sufficiently numbed, the head associate/talent scout Angelica lectured us about the company and what it takes to be a model/actress. When she was done talking, she proceeded to interview us individually for about thirty seconds to a minute each. During my time slot, she asked me about my desire and drive to be a model, and how my family felt. She then queried about school, and my major. She ended by complimenting my outfit, which surprised me to no end, because everyone working for JRP wore suits and here I was in plaid and vinyl, my two standards. When she was done with us we were led to another room with a video camera, and we read a Taco Bell commercial script in front of it. I am not an actress, so I totally bombed that. Oh well. Tomorrow we're supposed to call back and find out our results.

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