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New Year's Resolutions: February Update

2016 New Year's Resolutions

Eliminate blogging backlog
k00kaburra : down from 421 to 393 entries
fashion_piranha : up from 105 to 114 entries

At the beginning of the year, I was on target, writing every day.  Then I got a little busy with work and got on a plane to attend Winter Institute, and all that careful planning went flying out the window.  I managed to keep my personal blog somewhat under control, but rather gave up on the book blog.  I shall endeavor to buckle down this month.

Get my weight to match my driver's license.
This month's rainier weather meant I didn't walk to work as often as I intended.  Overall exercise activity remained low.  If I can't convince myself to start moving more next month, I might have to start looking at dietary restrictions.  Ugh.  That's a motivating thought.

Roam and ramble the world a bit.
I went to Denver!
Does that count?
On the one hand, it's a city I haven't seen in over twenty years, since I last drove through with my mother on a summer road trip.  On the other, I spent the entire time at a conference and explored very little of the city, only a couple of indepedent bookstores.
So I'm going to go with "haven't really  done this yet".

Get creative!
This is a second-tier goal this year. Blogging will take priority until I'm caught up. My hope is that once I AM caught up, I can use that time that was once reserved for writing for more creative projects like painting in the backyard or getting myself back into a ceramics studio.
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