Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Super Tuesday

As I'm writing this, Trump is projected to win at least six of the eleven states holding primaries today.  I am absolutely appalled.  I don't understand his appeal and I don't see why anyone would think Trump's leadership is good for the country.  Like many CEOs, he runs his companies to benefit himself and not the people he employs or the communities in which they live. Why would he be any different as President? He would enjoy being the head of the country without bearing the responsibility for it, acting as outrageously as he can to stay in the headlines while ignoring the deeper issues. If he had any sort of plan for solving the goverment's many problems, he'd share them. But he doesn't, because he's only in this to ride the waves of public opinion now that his failed companies, busted marriages, and spray tan addiction are no longer considered newsworthy.

Marco Rubio is too young and inexperienced to carry the Republican Party.  In another eight years he might make a strong Presidential candidate, but he's not there yet.  Ted Cruz is creepy. I know nothing about his personal life but something about his face and his demeanor is thoroughly unpleasant. I never thought that after the presidency of George W. Bush I'd want another member of his family anywhere near the White House, but of the Republican crop I liked Jeb the best and was genuinely disappointed when he dropped out. (Not that he had a choice; he was completely blindsided by the Trump charge and the campaign never fully recovered.)

On the other side of the political spectrum I rather like Bernie Sanders, and not just because I'm inclined toward any politician that has #feeltheBern for a hashtag. He's a crotchety old man who has been hammering the same platform for years; I don't agree with him on everything but I find him somewhat trustworthy because he has been relatively consistent, whereas his rival Hillary Clinton changes her mind to suit the mood of the moment and then lies about her past beliefs on those topics. I absolutely don't care if someone has had an epiphany and realizes that a previous decision was wrong, but own up to it. Don't pretend you were secretly pro-gay marriage all along when you're on record for stating otherwise. Just admit that you've changed your mind!

I'm not passionate about any of the candidates, and that's why I so rarely discuss politics here.  But I felt like I ought to say something since Trump's shenanigans and the inability of the Republican Party to oust the cuckoo in their nest have really dominated the news lately.
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