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Eek! July already?

Ah, but the time does fly...
I had a dentist appointment this morning. (Eeew.) The hygenist picked at my teeth while asking questions about the summer (Why do they do that? Why?) and the dentist reminded me to get xrays taken. Bleah.

I called JRP back, and they told me that I didn't get a call back, but why not audition again in six months? Heh. Oh well. I'm not really disappointed, surprisingly enough. I didn't really expect to get anything, after all. Beautiful I'm not, after all. ^_^ I am stylish, but the whole point of modeling is to wear someone else's styles. Too bad.

Bandaid got a call back, though! **excited** So in the afternoon we went over and they told her about the classes she would have to take. It's costing a pretty penny - $1950 - but it's what Bandaid wants to do. With the training from their program, it should help her improve her acting, as well as provide her with connections - and she should be able to do better. I hope...^^; One of the class programs - Fashion and Image, I think it was called - sounded so interesting, but it was a Level 3 program, so it would've cost Bandaid over $2500 to take it. Gross. ;_;

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