Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Mike: Bookseller #14: Reality always gets in the way.

I guess you could call this comic strip appearance #13.5, but since it's a single panel with no dialogue I figured I probably didn't need to repost it here.

People really seem to expect that we'll every book ever published on the shelves. If only we could!  Tens of thousands of books are printed each year, and it's impossible for a bookstore to have anything but the smallest fraction on the shelves at a given time. A lot of those books are pretty much crap, and you're better off having booksellers cull the herd and present you with only the best choices.  But we're always more than willing to order something for you because we know we've missed things you may want due to the never-ending flow of new titles competing for space in our little space.  
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