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Dye my eyes and call me pretty

So around three today I got a phone call at the house, which is strange because no one ever calls me there anymore. It turns out to be Linda, of John Robert Powers. She's the head of the print media department. She wants me to start working for them. Now. Eek. She asks me if I can come in later that afternoon so we can schedule a photo appointment, so I can get my zed card/model card made as soon as possible.
I tell her I'll call her back after I see if I can afford to do anything. I spend the next half hour playing with my bank account and telling the news to Bandaid and Kitty. I have the money, so I can take the photo shoot - but I won't be able to play much this summer. :( Aaaaww...oh, told Boi too. Boy, he was more excited than me...

Sam: oh shit
Sam: i just got a call back from that modeling agency
Boi: meh?
Sam: they want me to start working for them like, now
Sam: kyaaaaaaaa!
Boi: Wow!
Boi: *proud!*
Sam: <- freaking out
Sam: eek eek eek
Boi: *super proud!*
Boi: btw I told you soooo!
Sam: ^_^;; hush, you.
Sam: gloating is the sign of poor upbringing. :-P
Boi: This is merited
Boi: <---said you'd be a great model ^^
Sam: and i got rejected by my first callback, so this is just a weird freakout
Boi: mrow?
Sam: have fun at work, okies?
Boi: I shall. :p
Boi: but explain that previous statement?
Sam: which previosu statement? :-P
Boi: Sam: and i got rejected by my first callback, so this is just a weird freakout
Sam: well, when i did the call-in callback, i was rejected :-P
Boi: This time?
Sam: this time they called me and told me they wanted me to work in the commercial print department
Boi: Okay
Boi: well I told you so about this time.
Sam: ha ha!
Boi: I didn' know bout last time so bleeeeah!
Sam: yeah, i didn't tell you 'cuz you didn't ask! :-P

I call her back and schedule to meet in her office at four thirty. Luckily, I'm on time - I cut it really, really close, tho'. We talk for a bit, schedule the appointment, sign some paperwork...we discuss the sorts of clothes I need to bring to the shoot, and my hair. Linda thinks I probably should cut eight inches or so off. I'm fine with that - it's really long and heavy, after all. And it's not as if she wants it super-short or anything, tho''ll still be halfway down my back. Yay. She told me the dates of two auditions, so I'll be attending those, and then I've got the actual shoot on the 30th. Eep. Busy busy! There's more auditions every month, too.
When I got home, Heidi called and it turns out she works at JRP - which is awesome, too. ^_^ I'll have to play with her sometime.

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