Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

A special silhouette event!

Today was a little different from the normal routine at the bookstore.  An artist named Karl Johnson came to the store to cut silhouette portraits for our customers.  Appointments for a sitting have been sold out for weeks.

It was a wonder to watch Karl work.  He was sitting on our stage, and a child would sit down in front of him.  In less than a minute he would size the child up and start cutting the silhouette out of special black paper.  In another minute the cut-out would be complete and he would paste the image onto a background, and if the customer wanted it framed he would take a few more seconds for that. He moved so fast and the silhouettes were so accurate that you could match the child to the picture with a quick glance.  He had a sitting every five minutes from store opening to close, with only a few short breaks to stretch and eat inbetween.

Jeans was helping him throughout the day.  She checked people in, took payment for the silhouettes, and managed the schedule.  When a squirmy baby or bored toddler started to fidget, she would distract them and keep them entertained.  Jeans is great with kids, so she was perfect for the role.

When we first set up Karl's day at the bookstore, I reserved two spots for Kitty's daughters.  Aria's first birthday was coming up and the silhouettes seemed like the perfect gift.  Sure, some might say that a baby won't appreciate that sort of present, but let's be honest - Aria's just one, any present I got would have leave no long-term impression on her.  At least the silhouettes would capture her and her sister Kairi, in this moment, at this age, in a really cool way.

The silhouettes turned out really well:

Kairi, age 4

Aria, age 1

Every time he cuts a silhouette, Karl ends up with two identical copies.  He gives one to the customer, and they have an option to buy the second silhouette.  If they choose not to purchase both copies, the second one is thrown away.  Knowing that I was connected to Kitty, he saved the duplicates of her kids and gave them to me at the end of the day.  Aren't they sweet?  They're growing up into such adorable, fun girls.  
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