Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Retail nightmares, part two: registers still down

The part we ordered, the magical little card that will hopefully fix our inventory and register system, did not arrive today. According to the vendor, they tested the part before shipping it yesterday, and realized it was defective, so they had to source the card from a different warehouse and as a result, it wasn't actually mailed until this morning.

Seanie suspects that they just forgot to mail the card yesterday and made a lie to cover their asses, but at this point I don't care so long as the part gets here in time to get the computers running before this weekend.

The Prime computer is still running the IBID software. We have three-five people in the store who normally access IBID throughout the day, so there's always someone who needs Prime to access inventory to search for books, update a consignment, or tap into our vendor records. This runs afoul of my boss' desire that we use Prime as a register because "the customer always come first", but we can't freeze the rest of our operations for cashiers every couple of minutes.

So in the meantime we've got one of our bookfair registers at the front of the store so our cashiers can still check customers out, but we have to manually record everything we sell on a piece of paper and it makes every transaction super-duper slow. Yesterday I was able to use the store's tablet as a register, thanks to our Square app, but today the tablet died and is refusing to charge, even when I brought it home and tried a different charging station. Just great. The tablet doesn't even have the excuse that it's old - we just got it over the summer so it's practically brand-new. Everything at the bookstore is just falling apart.

So I apologize if I'm a little snippy in person, but it's a rather stressful situation to be in right now.
Tags: bookshopgirl, technology

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