Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
(poor Seanie didn't make it into the picture since he was the photographer)

This year marks the first time that I can recall our family celebrating Thanksgiving on the actual Thursday instead of the Sunday before.  The last few years, the Buckleys have always claimed the day, but we decided to switch it up this year due to my mom's travel schedule.
Mom made a turkey, as tradition dictates, and it turned out nice and moist.  Instead of stuffing she made chow mein, which is normal for us but to others it's weird, although not nearly as strange as the Jell-O "eyeball" salad made by the Jung side of the family each year. Donna brought potatoes, Jeans mixed up cranberry punch, and Seanie made cheesecake from his mother's recipe for dessert.  It was an exceptionally good feed.
Tags: daddy, donna, family, food, jeannie, kenny, mom, seanie, thanksgiving

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