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06 December 2016 @ 09:25 pm
Christmas Wishlist 2016  

My mother-in-law has been nagging we children to send our Christmas wishlists so that she can get her shopping out of the way.  It's surprisingly difficult to come up with present ideas on the spot, because as a general rule if Seanie and I want something, we buy it.  If we can't afford to buy it, it's probably too expensive to ask for as a Christmas gift.  So we've spent the past week desperately trying to think of things to request.

An additional challenge this year is that I'd like my Christmas shopping to support local businesses as much as possible.  Over the past year I've become increasingly aware of how dominant Amazon has become to the retail industry, and the ripple effects of its impact on local governments and institutions.  It's not just the bookstores or small-time retailers - shopping at Amazon impacts school funding and city coffers, and over the next few years I think we're going to really start seeing how much power the company has amassed.  So I've tried to scale back my spending on their website as much as possible in order to keep my money in the community.  But it's nearly impossible to fight the rock bottom prices (never mind how Amazon gets them so low) and the ease of ordering without leaving home, so the only way to ensure that I receive things from San Jose is to request things that can only be bought locally.

Here's what I came up with:

Christmas Wishlist 2016
- Tickets to HAMILTON!!!!! - (Really, this was the only thing I really wanted with anything approaching the urgency I felt towards my childhood Santa list requests.)
- Pottery Lessons at Blossom Hill Crafts
- Gift Certificates for Sherry Han Yoga
- A taiyaki maker
- Star Wars Geeki Tiki
- Fitbit One
- Tickets to see Finding Neverland
- Gift certificates for IKEA
- Cinemark gift cards
- Cinelux gift cards


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