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Beggin' For Help, La dee da da

Does anyone know how to set up a shopping cart / checkout system on a website? I want to set one up for Makaiju, but I don't have any idea how to start, other than using Paypal's system, but I'd probably have to upgrade to a business account and that would suck.
Makaiju needs a revamp anyway. I want to make it look more professional. More like a "real" business, y'know? I'm thinking something like Clean Habit Soaps - I like Charity's layout. Ericka's layout isn't bad, either. I would want more graphics, less bland pinkness, but anyway...anyone with HTML skills wanna help me build a good site? It has to look all nice and professional, and preferably have a shopping cart system (but I can put that off for now) YET has to be editable without any programs, so I can update the catalog 'n' such. I'm thinking like Charity's site, where the frame is all fancy, but her catalog pages could be done with just Netscape's crappy program.

And yes, you would be paid. Shyeah.

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