Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Brown water in the pipes is no bueno!

It was an ordinary evening.  Nothing much happening. Seanie and I were just hanging out an starting to think that it might be time to go to bed.

I went in to use the restroom, and that's when the trouble started.  When I flushed, brown water came bubbling up out of the toilet bowl.  Now before you go thinking gross thoughts, no, I didn't do anything that should have caused brown anything to be anywhere in the toilet or the pipes.  I plunged the bowl a few times - just in case - but after flushing half a dozen times, the water was still dirty.  It didn't smell foul, but it obviously wasn't clean.

By now Seanie was wondering what was going on.  No doubt he could hear me muttering rude things under my breath.  As an experiment, we turned on the spigot in the bathtub and brown water poured out there, too.

So it probably wasn't sewage, but it also meant we didn't have clean water in the house.  I freaked out, and after a few minutes of deliberation we decided to decamp to my parents' house until we could figure out what was going on with our plumbing.

It was pretty late by the time we got over there - maybe 11, 11:30 pm.  We accidentally awoke my mother when we stumbled into the guestroom, because I didn't know she had started sleeping in there the last few weeks because of my dad's snoring.  (Hey, you got a big empty house with no kids so why not use one of the other beds once in a while?)  I felt horrible for that, but quickly explained why we were there.  She nodded and told us to stay in the guestroom and she'd go sleep in Kenny's room, since we'd surely knock over something if we tried to go in there.

The next morning Seanie did some research and figured out that the city was working on the water main, and the dirty water was the temporary result of their labors.  I think it's odd that they didn't warn us that our water would be potentially unusable for a day, but maybe it's an unusual occurance.  Only a small area, a block or two of houses, were affected.  We were just unlucky.

Happily, by the time I finished work tonight our water was back to normal.  Seanie had cleaned the bathroom, just in case there was anything unpleasant in the water, but the city said it had been potable all along.  Ick.  Like anyone believed that.
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