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21 February 2017 @ 07:34 pm
San Jose Flooding Update  
"Don't you folks out in California know how to handle a little water?"

Hey, for some folks in other parts of the country, the recent rainfall might be nothing unusual, but for us in San Jose this is a once in a lifetime drenching. (At least one hopes that this isn't a new normal brought about by climate change.) Our infrastructure wasn't designed for such quantities of water.

As I write, several local highways are closed due to flooding. The roads up by Boss #1 are blocked by downed power lines and fallen trees; the other boss has had chunks of road simply washed away in mudslides. Neither of them have been able to get out without taking hours of detours.

The bookstore hasn't fared as well. On Friday night we had crazy leaks in the roof, especially since strong winds had blown the plastic sheeting off the skylights, leaving them exposed. Our matrix printer was soaked, but luckily it dried over the weekend and we've been able to resume using it. Our barcode label printer was not so lucky; it got wet and I think the power was still on, because the electronics are fried. I ordered another barcode printer through eBay and so far we've been unable to get it working with our old MS-DOS computers. A couple of hours each day has been devoted to trying to fix that issue, and it's been such a headache.

At least my corner of the world is so far unaffected, save that a leak on one end of the summer house has made a mess of the cabinetry in there.

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