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New Year's Resolutions 2017

New Year's Resolutions 2017

Another year, another string of promises I don't really intend to keep...

Really, when you see the list of things I write down every year, and watch me fail to make any significant dent in them month after month after month, is it any wonder that I'm in my thirties and working retail?  No, it is not.

And yet each year, I think about what I want to accomplish and try to think of ways to achieve that goal.  Why mess with that formula now?

This year, I'm giving each goal a hashtag.  I don't think I'll actually use the hashtags here or on my other social media's just a way to mix it up from the traditional numbered list.

Self-explanatory, I think.  I always want to visit new places and see something new of the world.  So far, I know I'll be visiting Minneapolis for work in later this month - I've never been anywhere that cold in winter so that will be quite interesting.  If previous trips are any indication, I won't get to do much outside of the hotel/convention center hosting Winter Institute, but one can hope to sneak out for a little while.

Outfit of the Day.
I'm just going to try to remember to take a picture of my clothes each day as a way of chronicling the steady onward march of time.  I hope that I'll feel inspired to put more effort into my appearance and maybe even break out of my standard t-shirt and jeans mode, but if I don't I think it'll be a little fun to see the seasonal fluctuations in my wardrobe.
I don't really plan to share the photos, but I might occasionally post a few in my resolution updates just to prove that I have, in fact, been taking them.

Last year I put my book blog on hiatus - it was just too much to even pretend that I could update it regularly.  Work seems to take up so much mental energy that when I get home, I've got nothing left, so that event a small task like sitting down and writing a paragraph about my day seems too difficult.  One thing that left me feeling more frustrated than productive was trying to keep count of how many "outstanding" blog posts were left, so I don't plan to track that this year (although I may change my mind later) and will just trust to my instinct that the writing will happen.

I've got no excuse not to exercise, right?  My mother-in-law gave me a gift certificate to a yoga studio so that I could get started, and it saves so much money if I walk to work every day.  Now that I've got a Fitbit I can track my progress step by step in an app - that's surprisingly motivating!  So maybe this WILL be the year when I finally manage to work a little bit of fitness into my regular routine.

Instagram is such a wonderful and terrible engine of inspiration.  At any time of day, I can go online and see my talented friends displaying pictures of their current work in progress accompanied by a charming teacup or a wine glass or some other beverage of choice.  I want to post more photos like that!
As I mentioned yesterday, I do have a little money saved so that I can join a ceramics studio, so I hope that this can be a year when I get back to working with my hands.  In fact, I even thought of calling this #creativtiki to emphasize that I want to learn how to make tiki cups, but I thought I should go broader just in case.  Consider that the back-up hashtag, if needed.

When was the last time I went to a museum?
I can't remember, either.
Considering how central museums were to my life in school, and even just a few years ago, it makes me genuinely sad that I never make it up to San Francisco's museums to see the current exhibitions or even an occasional visit to our local San Jose institutions.  I really, really want to change that in 2017 and get back to my roots, such as they are.

I want to cook more, so that Sean and I will eat foods made with fresher ingredients and be a little healthier.  We eat out too often and when we are home, we're heavily reliant on boxed pastas, frozen pizzas, and other foods that really aren't the best nutritional choices.  We aren't 22 anymore, so it's time to make that painful grown-up lifestyle change.

That's what all of these resolutions are, in a way.  Painful grown-up lifestyle changes that need to be made, but I think I drag my feet because some small part of my psyche thinks I'm still in college and I have all the time and youth in the world.  That's not true, and it sucks, but it's a fact that must be faced, embraced, and understood.

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