Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Step counters

My trusty Wii U step-counter has been through a lot.  The paint has rubbed off of all the buttons, it's covered in scratches and scrapes, and I burn through its battery regularly.  I hate to throw shade at what has been a loyal, hard-working device.

But after carrying both devices in my pocket today, my new Fitbit is reporting over a thousand steps above the Wii U!  Has my step count been underreported all these years?

Or is the Fitbit, a new addition to my routine not yet sure of its place in the hierarchy, giving me extra steps in an attempt to flatter me?
I wonder which device is more accurate.  Both have their fans and detractors online, so I really don't know which one works better.  I think the important thing for me to keep in mind is whichever device I use, I need to make sure that I'm actively keeping the step count above my daily goal of 10,000 - as long as the activity happens, I suppose it doesn't really matter if I'm off by a few hundred steps one way or the other.
Tags: exercise, fitbit, fitness, nintendo

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