Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Happy New Year's!

This year, Seanie and I opted for a quiet New Year's.

We had no plans at all until an hour before my shift at the bookstore wrapped up, when Seanie called and said he'd made a reservation at Kula Sushi. Kula is that silly restaurant we enjoy because the sushi goes round the restaurant on a conveyor belt, and the plates you finish can be used to win little prizes like stickers, keychains, washi tape, and erasers. The wait wasn't dreadful now that you can reserve a place in line through their app, so within an hour of arrival we were on the road again, stuffed full of sushi and the proud owners of a Naruto Shippoden eraser.

I thought we would go home and read or watch a movie, but Seanie's brother Terry called and invited us over to do an early New Year's Eve with his kids. We watched a Donald Duck cartoon as we waited for nine o'clock to roll around, and then we shouted "HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!" as the twins beat each other senseless with swords. The cutlasses and lightsabers, newly acquired in Disneyland last week, had been flying most of the evening as Arlo and Liam showed off their sword-fighting skills over and over and over again; I imagine the kids sleep with a dagger shoved down their drawers and a blade in each hand, so attached were they to their weaponry.

We adults sat around a bit after the kids were packed off to bed, nibbling on Jelly Bellies and drinking champagne until we were nodding off like grandparents at a nursing home. Seanie and I were back at home long before midnight. It turns out that was a good thing; as the clock struck twelve and our neighbors set off fireworks all around, our heater shot out another fireball, proving the fix from a few days ago had not been as effective as we'd hoped. Since it was the middle of the night and there was nothing to be done, we shut down the gas to the house and went to bed.

So today the Buckleys have once again been messing around with the heater while I ran away to my parent's house. We want to replace the whole heating unit, but we probably won't have time to shop for one until Seanie gets back from CES so for the time being they're figuring out a workaround.
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