Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Dishes: Nobody's Favorite Chore

Me: Wash the dishes! If you do it every day it only takes a few minutes.
Also me: Sean’s home on Friday, that’s not so very far away...

Usually it's Sean's chore to wash our dishes, but he's out of town this week so if I don't want them piling up in a gross mess, I have to do it.

I timed myself and it took about eight minutes to wash all the dirty dishes on our counter and about half an hour of procrastinating beforehand. But now that the counter's empty it looks so nice and I feel like I can actually cook!

But Sean hates doing dishes, and will let them pile up for a week or more. No matter how many times I've suggested in the past that he just do it every night, he says he doesn't have time. I think if I want to keep this counter clean, I'm gonna have to start doing all the dishes myself.
Tags: chores, lazy, procrastination

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