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I feel like I reach a new stage of adulthood today because Seanie and I bought a mattress, which seems very important but also so very grown-up and boring.

Our current mattress is an old thing from the late 1970s or early 80s, a hand-me-down from the guest room of some friend of a friend. It's hard and lumpy and terrible, although it was an improvement over the mattress before that. That horror was a mattress that bumped amongst the Buckley boys for who knows how long, and was a truly miserable sleeping experience.

So for Christmas, Seanie's parents gave us a gift certificate to Mattress Firm. It might have made more sense for them to give us the cash, so we wouldn't be locked down to a particular retailer, but lets' be honest: if we had cash, we would have stashed it in savings and never purchased anything. The gift certificate forced us to stop putting off the chore of buying a mattress. So we went in and tested out mattresses, with a saleswoman constantly trying to get us to buy. It didn't bother me too much - it's her job, after all - but after a while it really felt like she was trying to rush us. We left to think about our options, and while searching for reviews of the Tulo mattresses we realized that there was a huge discount on the exact model we were considering online. The Tulo website had the California King mattress marked down to $599 from $850, which was significantly cheaper than the deal we'd been offered.

We'd also noticed that there was a free bed frame with purchases over $500, which was cool because the bed frames are the kind that can be moved into a sitting position with a remote. Since I like to read in bed, that seemed super handy - and while we hadn't factored in the cost, it was a fact that if we did upgrade to a Cal King we would need a new frame because our old one was sized to a queen.

Annoyed that the saleswoman hadn't told us about the bed frame sale or offered us a better discount, we ended up going into another Mattress Firm location and asking the staff to match the online price and throw in the bed frame. They agreed without hesitation, which makes me suspect we might have been able to negotiate even more, but no matter. The price was good enough and thanks to my uncle's generosity at Christmas, the balance after the gift certificate was already paid for.

The mattress will be delivered next Wednesday. I'm excited. This is the first really big purchase we've made as a couple; with the exception of my bookcases, all of our pieces of furniture and appliances have been gifts or hand-me-downs. (Or cheap thrift store finds.) I'm a little nervous because the new mattress is significantly larger than the current one so space is going to be a bit tighter in our bedroom, but it'll be worth it. Poor tall Seanie will finally be able to stretch out without his feet dangling off the end of the bed!
Tags: adulthood, married life
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