Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I'm back.

It's been well over a year since I last logged into my Livejournal. I didn't mean to abandon it for so long, but life got busy and crazy and well, here we are.

I was inspired to get back into the spirit of a daily diary after hearing multiple podcasters and authors encourage others to write for a few minutes every day. Between the plague COVID-19, the cratering economy, and the election year, aren't we living in interesting, historic times? Won't it be interesting for future heirs and historians to look back and read about how we coped with it all?

Well, why not?

So here we go. Let's start with sheltering in place. Santa Clara County declared it mandatory on March 16th for all non-essential businesses; the entire state of California followed a few days later. Just like that, my entire industry folded up and went into hibernation, and my income disappeared with it.

Luckily, my old bookstore has decided to carry on as a mail-order business, so for the immediate future I'm behind the ordering desk, Monday through Saturday, processing online orders. It's a strange, busy time that I'll try to document to the best of my ability.

Other major life changes since I last journaled in January of 2019:

  • I touched on this briefly above, but last April I stopped managing the bookstore and became a traveling saleslady, representing about a dozen publishers to Northern California bookstores. I work from home (glorious!) and travel throughout the state twice a year, selling books. I absolutely love it. I still work at the bookstore as the off-site sales manager, meaning I sell books at author speaking engagements and conferences.

  • In November, my landlady asked my husband and me to move out by the end of January. After an offer to buy our old duplex was declined by her realtors, we ended up buying a charming home about ten minutes away. By "we", I mean my father, who rents the house to us. It was a whole saga that I'll try to write about in greater detail on another day.

  • Seanie still works in San Francisco and was commuting by train every day until the coronavirus put a stop to that.

  • My parents are healthy and well, as are Seanie's.

Tomorrow I think I'll write about my daily routine, the new normal as shaped by COVID-19.
Spoiler alert: I haven't managed to bingewatch an entire season of anything on Netflix or Hulu or Disney+.

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