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WoW. o_O

Today was so different and un-routine. ^_^ I really enjoyed it.

Around nine this morning I picked Bandaid up at her house. She was wearing her black top with the mandarin collar, which has a keyhole neck that closes with a white frog button (which was unraveling, unfortunately.) It is lined with red piping and is very adorable. Our audition wasn't scheduled until noon, but Bandaid had a class that began at ten; since I had to go to John Robert Powers later anyway, I didn't mind taking her. While she was in class, I planned to browse the shopping center's various stores. However, it turned out her class had been cancelled, and we were to proceed directly to the auditions.

We were led to the room that is usually Bandaid's classroom. I met several girls currently enrolled in the school. They were all so gorgeous! I felt so insignificant surrounded by them. They all looked so tall and beautiful. Out of nervousness, I started talking to them. There were two darker-skinned girls - one hispanic, and one who I think was filipino - who were about my height. The hispanic girl may have been an inch or two taller - it's hard to tell with everyone in heels. They were so pretty, with perfectly applied make-up and trendy ensembles. There was also a TALL blonde girl who was just WOW! gorgeous - I thought she was in her twenties, because she had so much poise and confidence, and seemed to know how everything worked. Her top had a reconstruction/DIY appearance, so I asked her if she'd made it herself. Turns out she'd bought it. ;_; Darn...

I was babbling to everyone because I hated the awkward silence that accompanied any lull in my chattere. I don't mean to say I dominated the conversation, but when it died I did my best to revive it.

At one such lull I asked how old everyone was. To my shock, Lara - the tall blonde - was a mere fourteen years old! She looked so much older that I was just blown away and couldn't believe it. It turned out that Bandaid and I were the oldest girls there; the next in age was just barely seventeen. Eek! I felt so ancient compared to them...and so ugly and short, too.

After waiting for an hour without doing a thing, I grew restless and went to Starbucks to get a Mocha Frapacchino. Frappachino? I walked over I called Sailor because I seriously needed an ego boost. He fulfilled his job nicely, saying I was pretty and he loved me and la-dee-la-la. I felt better. I also told myself that since JRP had picked me, as they had picked those other girls, I must be as devastatingly gorgeous as they were. (Hush! Don't ruin my happy delusion!)

At Starbucks, the barista looked very familiar. The feeling was mutual, and we eventually figured out that she'd gone to Branham briefly and had been in Leadership with me. heh. Candace was her name. ^_^ She was pleasant to chat to while I waited for my drink. It kept my mind off the fact that a middle-aged woman was glaring at me.

When I got back, a few more girls had arrived. A Chinese girl - who I mistook for Japanese - named Felicia (I think ^^;) had arrived. She was twenty-three, and had once been a fashion design major. Due to the lack of good schools around here, she had switched her major to interior design. She was really cool, and had a huge photo book of herself. Another girl with longish brown hair - I wouldn't call her beautiful like the others, she was more plain - wore a nifty lavender/orchid puff-sleeve blouse with drawstring sides. It was her first audition too, so she had no idea what was going on, either. It was very reassuring, in a way.

Around twelve we were herded into a long line, where for another hour we waited and slowly inched forward. I think it was taking such a long time because they audition little children first, and they take forever. *sigh* Stupid pushy parents. My friend Heidi was in charge of "crowd control" so we chatted until my turn to audition finally arrived.

I walked into the small room that the rep. from City Lights Model and Talent Agency was in. He introduced himself as Antonio, and I shook his hand and asked how he was. He described his injury to me (one legg was propped up in a chair because he tore the muscle up skating) and asked whether I was a model or actress, if I had any experience, etc. He wanted to know how long I'd been with John Robert Powers, when I told him I'd been there only a week or two and was "fresh meat" he busted up laughing. Hopefully that means he will remember me...

Ugh, I'm so tired now. I just want to sleep. Kitty called a few minutes ago and told me I've got almanac at Bath & Body Works tomorrow, and that my check finally arrived there. Money! Thank goodness! She also said that her manager still intends to hire me, but I will probably only be doing almanacs for a while yet. That's is money, after all. ^_^

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