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and everything bombs

Yesterday I put in 12.5 hours of work, from 8:00 AM to midnight, with a break between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Ugh. First there was the usual Sunday shift at Sunrise – I worked from 8:00 'til 4:00. It was a slow day – everyone else had left by ten. Around 3:30 Jose came back with a relative to make a quick cake for some occasion within his family; it was weird, because I'm used to closing on my own.

At about 4:30, just as I was halfway across the floor mopping, some guy showed up and started knocking on the glass windows. We had closed half an hour before, and I was not in the mood to deal with him. I pointed to the sign that states our hours "Sunday 8 – 4." But he wouldn't leave – instead he did some weird little begging-prayer sign with his hands. I ignored him and walked to the back room, where the baker does all his work.
"Why aren't you helping the customer?" Jose asked.
"We're closed."
"Go see what he wants."
"You gonna pay me for another hour of work?"
"You gonna do it or you gonna look for a new job?"
Damn economy. So I go see what this idiot wants – turns out he needs a cake because he forgot someone's birthday, or some dumb reason, so I need to magically pull one out of my ass for him. Fine. He stares at the cake carausol for about ten minutes, while I'm standing there, tapping my foot, debating whether I could wring his neck, etc. etc.
"Look, buddy, I've gotta be somewhere. Choose a cake." I am not polite after hours. If Jose hadn't been there, I would've been home by now. The bastard's getting dirty footprints all over the floor; I'm going to have to re-mop. Moan bitch moan.
He finally decides on a carrot cake. "Can you write Happy Birthday on it?" he asks.
"No, the decorator has gone home because we're closed." He pays for the damn cake and leaves, and DOES NOT TIP ME. Ooooo! The cheap morons who live in San Jose piss me off. The guy knows we're closed (It's not as if he showed up right at four; we'd already been closed half an hour), and out of the kindness of my heart and bitchiness of my boss I let him in and sell him the cake, even though I've got another job to go to and he's just cost me my naptime, AND he makes a mess of the floor I just cleaned, but he doesn't give me squat. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. I hate customers so much. Hate them hate them hate them.

So I am cranky as I drive home to attempt to grab the remains of a nap. >_<; No success – too many distractions from family and friends. Around 6:15/6:30 I pick-up Bandaid and we run to Starbucks to grab coffee – no way I'm surviving otherwise. We go to Bath and Body Works and start moving furniture around, loading tables and putting stock in back. It's actually kinda fun when you aren't braindead. ^^; My partner, Erin, did so much more work than me. I felt so bad. ;_; I was pretty useless, overall. Arrrrrrrrgh x 2.
But Kitty's manager said we got a lot farther than she expected, so I guess it's a good thing. My legs hurt so bad by the time we were done...when I got home I crashed.

At about three-thirty (in the morning) Kitty called, crying. She and Taitai hit a hard spot and may not be together much longer. ;_; Sadness... I am useless in the morning (or any other time of day) so I doubt I helped her out much, but she needed someone to talk to and an incoherent Samchan is better than nothing. The only part of the conversation I really remember is when I was talking about modern art and trying to remember of Jackson Polluck is the guy who dumped paint cans from ladders onto canvases below.

I'm sleepy. I switched shifts with Kero, so I have work in the afternoon instead of the morning.

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