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anime babbling...and hair.

I just finished Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. It is awesome. Even if the series goes hyper-angsty half the time and the animation gets a little wacked out, and her transformation/attack sequences are too long in the second season, it's still cool. Arina Tanemura's style is just rockin'. Prettiful...I wish my hair was all flowy and nice and silky-looking like Maron's. ^_^ And a guy with pretty blue hair like Chiaki's would be awesome, too...
Yeah, but I like Maron. Even if she's practically perfect 99.9% of the time. She's so cute when she's crying. Mwwrrr...

Yeah, I'm rambling. I do that sometimes. "Dive into Shine" is one of my favorite opening songs ever, so I'm entitled. In fact, I like it so much I think I'll pop it into my mp3player now. ^_^ I like all the songs for that series - well, some of the image songs on the CD suck, but the opening and closing songs for both seasons were toe-twitchin' good.

I need to shave my legs. They're all stubbly. I've worn jeans all week just to avoid shaving them! I hate shaving sometimes. It's all a trick to keep women obsessing over their imperfect figures! Rise up and protest the evil hair-removal industry!
Ah, but silky-smooth legs feel so nice....damnit.

Kagayaita kaze o ukete hirogaru sora e, tobitateru sa
Dive into Shine Fukai yami mo
Hikari ni kawaru, sono shunkan, shinjiteru kara

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