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So we laugh and we smile, and we play our games of sweet denial.

Do you think this is right - or is it really wrong? I know this is what we've been wanting, and all this is burning in my soul. It fills up to my throat. It fills up 'til my heart is breaking...

I'm irritable and cranky, irritable and cranky.
And not just because I can this|close to having that nasty Eddie boy see me in a bathing suit. Ugh.
I'm sorry, I don't like him.
I like pirates.
I saw them last night.
They were preeeeeeetty cool.
Johnny Depp is preeeeeeeetty hot in eyeliner and pirate gear.
He is the most flamboyant pirate to sail the seven seas.
And Legolas Orlando Bloom is preeeeeeeeeetty hot too.
Even if his character was too squeaky clean.
Real corsets must be very painful. I'm glad my fake Lippy ones are not.
It was a fun girl's night out.
Even tho' Taitai is not a girl, and Kitty was playing kissy-face with him.
They're so cute it don't matter...
Even if Bandaid was on the phone with Cee, having an arguement...
Bad girl, you gotta behave yourself and make a decision here.
Even if Stinky called during the movie...
Granted, it was only the previews, but still. Shush!
And Krueger was being a bad boy.
His little lights would not stop going on. I'd turn off the engine, set the parking brake, lock the doors, leave the car...
And his tail lights popped on.
That should not be possible.
What powered them?
I'd go back in the car, turn the engine on, turn it off, re-set the brake, lock the doors, step away...
And they would pop on again.
It was freaky.
I don't know what caused it.
I hate you, Krueger.
I miss you, Donnie.
Rest in peace.
Davy's making bets.
He knows me better than I know myself.
I think he programmed me, because he knows how I think and work better than anybody else.
If his predictions are correct, then there's a whole hell of hurt to be rained upon the world.
And if they're wrong, then...uhm...we set a world record?
But he hasn't been wrong yet...
Spent the whole day talkin' to the boys.
No Seanie, tho'.
No Sportsmart guy, either, but hopefully we'll see him tomorrow.
He used to visit us everyday, but we haven't seen him this week.
He's kinda cute.

When I wake up without you, knowing you're not there, I'm only feeling half as good. Well...I'm gonna find a way to wrap you in my arms. You make me feel alive.

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