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Survey ^^; Is long...

[Name] Samantha Houston (Hey, if you actually know my real name, pretend you don't! I gotta keep my diary consistant...and that's been my name since like 2000, diary-wise.)
[Porn Name] Marie Dorcey
[Birthday] May 22nd, 1984
[Zodiac sign] Gemini
[Sex] Often...I mean girl! Girly girly girl!


[Slept in your bed] My teddy bear, creatively named Ted, who dozes there right now.
[Saw you cry] Ted. Actual human, probably Bandaid, who got to see my eyes leak when I failed my driving test the second time. It was soooo frustrating.
[Made you cry] Generalized stress from school, bois, friends, dead car, blah blah blah...
[Spent the night at your house] Sailor boi!
[You shared a drink with] Kitty!
[You went to the movies with] Sailor boi, when we saw League of Extraordinary Gentleman.
[You went to the mall with] Kitty, Bandaid, Jun, and Sailor Boi, on the same day we saw the movie. ^_^
[Yelled at you] My mommy, probably.
[Sent you an email] Seanie!
[Said they were going to kill you] I don't remember. Kitty maybe?

[Said "I love you" and meant it?] Yeah! ^_^ It's disgusting to say it and not mean it...unless you're joking, in which case anything goes...or something. :-p I have waffling, hypocritical standards for that l---- word.
[Gotten into a fight with your doggy/walrus/bird/fish/etc.] Teddy bears! I argued with Bran last night...
[Been to Florida?] Naw. ;_; I know someone who moved there recently, tho'.
[California?] o_O No, never been to California. Ever. Ferreal.
[Hawaii?] Once upon a time, yes, and I desperately want to go back again.
[Mexico?] I don't drink so what would be the point?
[China?] Someday...
[Canada?] I wanted to try 'n' do a road trip to Canada this summer, but it just ain't happening...;_;
[Danced nekkid?] Wouldn't you like to know?
[Dreamed something really crazy and then it happens the next day?] It happened a few days later! I dreamed about a car crash in front of Branham and then it happened. I wrote about it somewheres, but it was a couple of years ago now.
[Stalked someone?] Oh yeah! ^_^ He fears me for it!
[Had a mud bath?] o_O I wanna!
[Wished you were a guy/girl?] Guys can pee standing just ain't fair. On the other hand, they're dumb and they don't get to use PMS as an excuse for everything. Better to be a girl.
[Had an imaginary friend?] I still have imaginary friends...^_^ I am an imaginary friend!


[Apples or bananas?] Apples...**drool**
[Red or blue?] Red! Bright colors! ^_^ Wheeee!
[Backstreet Boys or N Sync?] Backstreet Boys...Nick Carter...**drool**
[WalMart or Target?] Target! Wal-Mart is the evil!
[Santa or Rudolph?] Santa. He gives me prezzies.
[Math or English?] English. I no get them number-doohickeys.
[High school or college?] I liked high school. I'm likin' college. **shrug** Six o' one, half dozen o' the other.
[What are you going to do after you finish this survey?] update Makaiju Distro.
[Are you bored?] Naturally!
[How many buddies are on?] Nine. ;_; I need more amigos, yo!
[Last movie you saw?] The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
[Last noise you heard?] "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence.
[Laughs the weirdest?] Me. ^_^ But I don't Boi when he imitates me. That is horrible, the sound he makes....a twisted, wretched cackle that wicked witches envy...I do not sound like that!
[Will grow up and be a model?] Davy. He could, if he wanted. But he don't.
[Going to have the most kids?] Bandaid. She'll pop them out regularly once she marries, wait and see...
[Have you known the longest?] Antares, but I rarely talk to her now. So Kitty-poo!
[Is the loudest?] Boi chatters incessantly the most, but Bandaid's got the volume goin' on.
[Is the quietest?] Kero, when she's around people she don't know.
[Do you have the most classes with?] Bandaid, usually. But no more! She'll be at DeAsia no probably no one! ;_; Poor me...
[Is the weirdest?] That boi I be datin'.
[Is the funniest?] Seanie!
[Is the moodiest?] Bandaid.
[Can you tell most of your secrets to?] Kitty-poo, Bandaid, Davy-poo.
[Do you usually go to about all of your problems?] Kitty-poo, Davy-poo, Seanie.


[Last time you went out of the state] Oh, it's been a while...o_O I think not since 8th grade, eeeek....
[Lucky number] 4
[Things you like in a girl/guy?] Boobies! And...uhm...errrr...nipplies. ^_^;; Butts are nice...especially when one side is significantly bigger than the other, because that indicates a FAT WALLET which is pretty damn sweet. I'm sure personality factors in there somewhere, too...
[Weirdest thing about you?] Uhm...yeah. Someone else can say it.
[Do you have a crush on someone?] Naturally. I have crushes on fifty kinds of people. ^_~
[Do they know?] No! Tragically! ;_;
[Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?] Yes. To both.
[What's his/her name?] Sailor boi / Kitty-poo / Bandaid luva!
[What do you think of ouija boards?] Stupid and I have one somewhere. ^_^;; Secret Shame #22.
[What book are you reading right now?] Burn Collector #8. It's a zine; good writing but I'm not much fond of the writer himself.
[What's on your mouse pad?] My mouse? :-p I just have a plain blue pad.
[Favourite board game?] Monopoly
[Favourite magazine?] Vogue! Not really, I just had to name one out of the blue. I like zines – right now my favorite is Brainscan – but the magazines at grocery stores don't do much for me.
[Favourite sound?] Rob Thomas' voice. Raaaaar.
[Worst feeling in the world?] Failure! "You are a loser, Samchan!" "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"
[What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?] "Crap, I'm gonna be late for work!"
[Do you like scary or exciting rollercoasters] Scary. ^^;; Well, neither, honestly. They're all scary...
[How many rings before you answer?] I usually don't make it to the phone before my voicemail kicks in.
[Future daughter's name?] I have not thought about it. Girl's names aren't interesting.
[Future son's name?] Donatello, Michealangelo, or Raphael. Not that Leonardo ain't cool. But what I really wanna name my boy is PETRUCHIO!
[Chocolate or vanilla?] Sha-kou-lot. Chocolate! **drool**
[Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?] ^____^ Oh yeah.
[If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?] Fashion designer / superstar! ^_^
[What is your favourite snapple?] Strawberry Kiwi.
[Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous?] Righty, but I color decent with my left..
[Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?] Yeppers!
[What's under your bed?] A f*cking buttload of stuff.
[Favourite sport to watch] Figure skating. Plushenko-baby, you crack that ice! ^_^
[Did you have fun doing this] So far! It beats writing a real entry...

[ 10 Bands/Artists you've seen live ]
1. Matchbox Twenty
2. Sugar Ray
3. American Hi-Fi
4. Bon Jovi
5. Goo Goo Dolls
6. Paul McCartney
7. Backstreet Boys
8. Bill Monroe
9. Golden Bough
10. BBMak

[ 9 Things you're looking forward to ]
1. Fashion classes at West Valley
2. Having a decent G.P.A. at DeAnza after fall quarter ends!
3. Not having to update Makaiju Distro
4. Not having a huge credit card debt
5. Saving up enough to buy a new car
6. Painting my toenails a stunning shade of red. ^_^ Again.
7. Paradise Kiss #5!
8. Photo Shoot on the 30th
9. Clear skin! (It may never happen...;_;)

[08 Things You Wear Daily]
1. Glasses. ;_; I want contacts...
2. Panties! Preferably with a pretty pattern on it!
3. Polish of some sort on my fingers and toes.
4. Some form of shirt...
5. Deodorant
6. Lotion from Bare Escentuals (Jamaica), Clean Habit Soaps (Grapefruit), or Bath & Body Works (Cucumber and Green Tea, I think)
7. Seanie!
8. Something to tie my hair back, usually butterfly clips.

[7 Things That Piss You Off]
1. That darn Lindsay chick!
2. Dishonest actions of a certain friend.
3. Mommy! (We argue a lot...)
4. My skin ;_;
5. Krueger
6. Brother! (Dude, we live together. It's inevitable.)
7. Boi! (Not right now, but once in a while.)

[06 Things You Touch Every Day]
1. Boobies!
2. Papers!
3. Computer keyboard!
4. My brother's PS2 when I put CDs and/or DDR in.
5. T.V.
6. Clothes. ^_^

[05 Things You Do Every Day]
1. Livejournal (if not to read, than to write.)
2. Write.
3. Waste time. ;_;
4. Daydream.
5. Sleep.

[04 People You'd Want to Spend More Time or Hang out With]
1. Kitty-poo
2. Boi
3. Davy
4. Zee Branham Crew

[03 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over]
1. Star Wars
2. Lord of the Rings (I'm likin' those trilogies...o_O)
3. Plushenko's Long Program at the 2002, he was hot. But that's not a movie, technically...

[02 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment]
1. Calling You by Blue October
2. Like A Stone by Audioslave (cheating #3: Boys of Summer covered by the Ataris)

[01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With]
1. ^_^ Kitty-darling! Bandaid-lover!

[do you want to get married] **cringe** Only if I won't have to produce children. 'Cuz, like, that'd wreak havoc with my sexy figure. Maybe we could grow test-tube babies or something...
[if so, what age would you like to be married] Late twenties at the earliest...
[who will you marry] ^_^;; Who will I marry, or who do I hope to marry? Big difference, y'know.
[what do you want to do when you grow up] Rob Thomas! I design. Yup. Or manga-ka, if I could...that'd kick ass.
[where will you live] In a big city, like Los Angeles or New York! Possibly London or Tokyo, at least for a li'l while...

[food] Ice cream. Minty ice cream at that. ^_^
[movie] Uhm...I don't have one at the moment. I bet I'd really love Velvet Goldmine, tho'. :-p Never seen it, tho'...ah well.
[tv show] Iron Chef!
[beverage] Fruits...fruits smoothie.
[subject] ^_^;; Art something..
[teacher] Burnside!
[radio station] 104.9
[book] Confederacy of Dunces ^_^ by...uhm...that guy.
[holiday] White Day. Girl gets present and she doesn't have to do anything for it.
[sport] Figure Skating...raaaaaar.
[fast food] Jack In The Box
[color to wear] Black. It makes my boobies look bigger.
[number] 13
[place to eat] Lee's Village. That's the best Lemon Chicken on the planet.
[ice cream flavor] Mint Chocolate. Mmmm...happiness.
[do you drink] ;_; naaaaaaw...that's Kathy-poo's department..
[do you smoke] Nope...people ask me if I do, tho'! ^_^
[do you consider yourself attractive] Naaaaaaaw...I may be damn sexy and suffer from an intoxicating personality, but attractive? Naaaaaw....
[do you consider yourself a nice girl/boy] Pssssssht. Naaaaaaaaaaaw...
[do you have a cd burner] Yeppers. For mix CDs....of course....**shifty eyes**

the last
[thing you ate] Macaroni and's about all I can cook.
[thing you drank] Milk
[song you heard] Third track off the Simple Plan CD...don't recall the name at the moment, probably something like "You Don't Mean Anything To Me" judging from the chorus. :-p
[show you watched] The Simpsons
[thing you said] "I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare! I'm just a kid. I know that it's not fair!"
[person you saw] My brother, who asked me if Dad was still on the phone.
[person who called you] Boi, I think. Maybe Kitty. was boi.
[person you called] Bandaid.
[person you hugged] Brother. ^_^
[last car you rode in] Krueger. Oh wait, I rode in, not drove? Sailor's stepdad's Audi.

You've been sorted into RAVENCLAW! Studious,
shrewed, and meticulous in everything they
attempt, Ravenclaws welcome a challenge with a
calm mind and cool wit. Introverted,
Ravenclaws tend to keep to themselves and
rarely become involved with the affairs of
Houses other than their own. This cautiousness
should not be mistaken for cowardice, merely a
Ravenclaw's ability to pick worthwhile battles.
After all, a Ravenclaw never fails a test...of
knowledge or of character.

Which House Are You? A Sorting Hat Quiz
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