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Ritoru Deito - Wednesday

Boi came down to San Jose today – first time in over two weeks. Yay. ^_^ He bummed his stepdad's car for the day, so by the time I got off work at nine he was already waiting at my house. (For some reason, Dad didn't answer the door despite boy's ringing, so he was stuck waiting on our porch. Oops.) We puttered about the house for a few minutes, killing time and trying to figure out whether we were actually hungry enough to go eat lunch or not. Since it didn't take nearly as long to get to the Capitol theatres as we thought it would, we drove down Snell to Branham and got ice cream at McDonald's. Chocolate dippin' dots, yummy.
Since Taitai was workin' at the theatre, we were able to sneakie into League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which is a decent movie. I wouldn't pin it on a must-see list anytime soon, but it certainly isn't the worst thing I haven't spent money on. ^_^ I had fun, anyway. I mean, it had Dorian Grey! Any movie that can somehow stick one of my favorite literary characters into itself must be worth something. (Aside: Sailor insists that this story is actually a screenplay/novel from a short story. I've been googling on and off all day, and I can find no evidence of the existence of such a short story. I think you're a wee bit confused, Sailor. Perhaps you're thinking of a different story?) spoiler warning: I hated the way they killed him, tho' – he can't look at his portrait! What the heck? In the book, he looks at it all the time, no problem...and ends up destroying it with his own hands because the guilt of his deeds is driving him bonkers...poo. Oh Dorian, such a pathetic way for you to die...**sniff** I shan't bother with a synopsis since I'm sure everybody and their mum saw the movie already, anyway. But it wasn't bad.
After the movie Sailor drove downtown and we returned his stepdad's car. We got chicken nuggets for lunch and ice cream shakes at Ben & Jerry's, yummy yummy. ^_^ We kept waiting for the bus, but changing which bus we were waiting for, so it took forever to get to Vallco. We got there an hour late, which was bad, because we were supposed to meet Kitty & Bandaid at three – but oh well. Kitty's used to it, unfortunately.
Vallco was fun. We were there to look at wedding dresses, which bored the boys (Bandaid had brought Jun with her) and thrilled the girls. We were nearly kicked out of the first store when Sailor dragged me out kicking and screaming – but when we went to New Things West they were much nicer. If we'd had more time, we girls would probably have tried dresses on – but the boys were thirsty so we wandered off for drinks instead. Unfortunately, time flies when you're having fun, and it was time to go home long before we were ready to leave. Before we departed, however, we stopped at a comic book store, where Sailor bought a couple of manga for himself and Mars #12 for me (yummy yummy yummy!) and the Rayearth OAV DVD. Kitty picked up Peach Girl #8, which I'll have to borrow as soon as I get the rest of the series from her.
Kitty drove everyone to Bandaid's house – she had pilates at Foothill, so she was in a major hurry to go. We hung around Bandaid's for a few minutes, and then Jun drove us home. Jun is possibly the world's scariest driver. He is easily distracted, and Bandaid can't control herself around him so she was constantly distracting him. Sailor was not helping, and I'm shocked and amazed that we didn't just die right there on the city streets. ^_^;; Thank goodness we didn't go on the freeway...
At my house no one was home, so the Boi and I ended up playing snuggly-wuggly cutsey-fartsy couple for an hour or two. Bandaid would be shrieking hysterically, but she can't help it. She is a very jealous woman. ^_^; I suppose I ought to get jealous over Jun or something in return, but he's such a cute little bugger that it's quite hard. And her other lover Cee's freakin' scary; I don't ever wanna be on his bad side. **shrug** Ah well...eventually Sailor had to haul ass over to his curvy-butt boyfriend's house, so off we went in Krueger.
Boi sucks with directions. He had no freakin' idea where that house was. We looked for it for over forty-five minutes. My poor gas mileage...;_; Eventually we got to it, thank goodness. But I had to drive home in the dark, which is scary, because I live in fear of Krueger pooping out on me some day, and I am terrified that it will be at night in a part of town I don't know. Waaaaaaaaaaah....I was so pooped when I got home. I skipped Livejournal and then crawled up to bed, exhausted.

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