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I woke up early in the morning and went to work. Ugh. >_<; I actually overslept and had to forego a shower, which was probably quite stinky for the rest of the world. **sigh** But off to work I had to be, so a quick kiss from the boi and I go. (He brought me chocolate kisses yesterday. ^_^ Yummy.)

After I had done most of my morning work like putting out danishes and making coffee, the boi suddenly appeared. At first Samchan suspected it might be a hallucination brought on by no breakfast, but the boi was really there. Yaaaaaaaay. He needed to pick up some things he'd left at my house yesterday, so he hung out in the bakery for a spell while I helped customers and folded boxes. (I'm so exciting at work!) He was a sleepy-head, tho, so I gave him Krueger's keys and he crawled off to sleep in the car.
The minute he was gone, of course, my bosses - who had been slyly watching from the back window, like they always do when one of my friends comes in - wanted to know who he was. I told Jose that it was my boyfriend and he looked disappointed - Kero's stories had apparently painted a different picture than what reality presented.

After work we went to my house (After sleeping in a hot car for an hour boi was a soaked and sweaty bugger) and he grabbed his stuff, then out to the bus stop we trotted and sat around waiting for a while. He was still sleepy so we didn't do much except sit and wait for the bus. Oooooh, the excitement. Actually, his showing up was pretty much the highlight of my day. After the bus took him away and I went back home, I ended up sleeping on and off for the rest of the day.


AIM Conversation with Kero:
valkylee: Heh..know what?
valkylee: Jose finally saw Sailor. :-P
kerotab: oh i know he told me all about it!
kerotab: ^_^
valkylee: ^_^; What'd he say?
kerotab: he said it took both of them a while to figure out if he was a girl or a guy
kerotab: ^_^
valkylee: I knew it! ^_^
kerotab: lol
kerotab: yeah he said he was staring at him for like 1/2 hr tryin to figure it out
kerotab: lol
valkylee: I saw him watching through the window and I figured "Heh, I bet he can't tell what he is."
kerotab: lol
valkylee: Jose said boi sleeps like he does out in the car tho'. ^_^;; Silly guy!
kerotab: lol i'll bet

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