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My legs are very long, I now realize. Woo-hoo!

Last Wednesday I had a photo shoot. ^_^ (Yaaaaay!) It was for my ZED cards, so unfortunately I had to pay for it. (Booooo!) Besides the obvious cost of the photographer's skill, time, and hardware, I had to pay for a make-up artist/hair stylist as well. Technically I needed a clothing consultant as well, but the photographer, being multi-talented, fulfilled this role as well.

Right after work I rushed home and grabbed clothing randomly – being Samchan, I had delayed the gathering of garments until the very last second. After flinging half my wardrobe around my room, I climbed in the shower and scrubbed madly at my skin and hair, indulging in frivolities like hot oil treatments and Nair for silky-smooth stubble-free skin. ^_^; After vainly attempting to de-frizz my hair further, I threw on a dress and buzzed out the door, because Bandaid had called and wanted to be picked up early. It probably wasted time, but I had no choice – I zipped over, grabbed her, and zipped back to my house where we madly crammed as much clothing as possible into my lone luggage bag. Then zoom! Off to JRP we hurried.

When we got there the make-up artist and the photographer were waiting – the appointment before me had not shown up so they had little to do. Gideon, as the photographer introduced himself, had me unpack the clothes I brought and then ripped through them one by one. "I don't like that. Too much black. This jacket is niiiice. I like the jacket. You didn't bring me anything to wear with the jacket. What is this? I don't even know wear your head goes? Is this for your boyfriend?" He selected a plain pink top for my headshot – which would be in B&W anyway so the color made no difference – to be worn with blue jeans and my white tennis shoes with adorable cherries on the sides. His second choice was my pink swimsuit and black strappy sandals. ^^; For my "casual" shot he chose a dragon ¾ sleeve t-shirt and navy blue parachute pants (also with a dragon embroidered on the back of the left leg) and for my last ensemble he chose the red-and-black striped psycho circus jacket and a black XOXO mini-dress, which made for a cute mini-skirt under the jacket. To complement my final, radical outfit he let me wear my high-heeled platform Mary Jane boots with two buckles. Woo. (Sorry, I don't have pictures of any of this. ;_; Waaaaaaaa!)

The make-up artist was a sweetheart and I feel terrible that I can't remember her name. But, since I change the names of people for my diary anyway, I'll make one up and you'll never know...except I just told you. Irk. Anywho, Jane-The-Stylist switched the part of my hair from middle to the side, and spritzed and fluffed it something awful. My skin, which is a horror in the summer, refused to cooperate with the foundation she chose, so I'm probably going to need to airbrush the headshots like mad. Anyway, for the first set of photos she simply used pinks and other neutral colors, because they wanted as natural a look as possible. With each set of photos the make-up grew flashier and more elaborate, as eyeliner and lipstick and bright colors were added to my face. My hair, which was down in the beginning, was put up into a crazy hairstyle atop my head that reminded me of a row of octopus tentacles wiggling out of my skull. I looked like somethin' else, fa sho.

The actual modeling was a little embarrassing. The headshot set wasn't so bad, since all I had to do was keep smiling and I was giggling like mad anyway (I was nervous and the photographer was soooooo funny ^_^;) it wasn't too bad. For the swimsuit and casual shots, though, he wanted me to 'move' and since I'd never heard the term before, I had no idea what to do. He told me just to keep moving and he'd tell me to stop, so I was waving my arms and spinning and twirling and making faces and who knows what else, just so I'd be doing what he wanted. He said I didn't do badly for a beginner, but what else could he say? If he'd said "You suck!" I wouldn't have come back for the rest of my photos and he wouldn't get paid. But I suck. ^_^ I do much better when I'm just ordered to pose and nudged into place. What's obnoxious though is the minute you're out of the camera's sights, you think "I could've put my hands like this and it would've been so cute! Dangit!" For the psycho-circus pictures we went outside to the street, where I posed in front of a chain-link fence and literally stopped traffic as people slowed to a crawl to see what I was doing. (I was just that hot, thank you very much! ^_^)

After Jane started my first set of make-up, the girl who had the appointment before me showed up with nine bags of clothing and shoes. How awful is that? She was only about an hour and a half late. Ugh. Anyway, she ended up switching off with me – when I was being photographed, she got her make-up done and vice-versa. I remember thinking "She has a big nose," but I don't know if it was really disproportional or if I was just bitter that she was splitting my time frame. Instead of taking two or three hours, that shoot ended up lasting nearly five hours. -_-; Dummy girl...she brought nine bags of clothing and shoes – that's freakin' more of a wardrobe than half my friends have got – and when I peeked in none of it looked good. What's the point of having so much if it's all crap? Gideon said she was bragging about the different brands...what does brand matter if it's ugly or plain? (Excluding Lip Service, which is never short of awesome.) sigh...

But it was really fun. I was starving by the end, because I hadn't really eaten a lunch, so I bought cheesecake (chocolate mousse cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, yo!) and it was reeeeeeeeally good. Bandaid fed it to me all the way home – we kept hoping for an audience, but we never got one. ;_;

Kitty had called during the shoot about going to a strip club, but I was too tired. I ended up wandering around Oakridge with Kathy instead, and nearly forgot to pick my brother up from Tae Kwon Do. I admit I was a bit late, but I got him in the end, and isn't that what's important?

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