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I'm makin' productively, yo!

swear boots
Swear shoes, my friend! anything weird, crazy, UV
or anime inspired will do the trick for your
trendy feet!

What kind of boots do you wear?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sadly, I neither own nor care for a pair of these. It's all about the elusive pair of knee-high, thin-lace black matte velvet Victorian boots with the witchy heel and slight platform that I don't own and don't believe exists. sigh...

I shipped a pile of packages out after work today. All I can say is good thing the boi is paying me back the twenty I lent him last week. I am out of cash. Hmm...tomorrow or Wednesday I really need to go to West Valley and finish paying off my student fees. I've been putting it off forever, but I really need to take care of it. I'm just reluctant because that'll wipe out my savings quite well.

Today I also uploaded some major updates to the distro. My room is now a mess of zines and other sample distro products. It's more than impossible to move about in. When I bought out the remnants of independent thought brigade, cee lee sent me not only her zine stock, but a huge pile of records, cds, and tapes. I have no idea what to do with these; I'm not familiar enough with punk rock to try and review them, and I wouldn't know how to price them anyway. o_o But I can't just have twenty 7" vinyls cluttering up my room, either. sigh... The only band out of the whole mess I've heard of is le tigre - and trust me, that's the biggest name there. I'll think of something...

Webcomic-wise (yes, I'm still plotting one ^_^;;) I've got the scripts/scribbles for fifteen strips. My goal is to have twenty done before I start posting them, so I'm almost there. Yay! I've gotten Kitty's approval of all the strips showcasing her, and she's the only person I am worried about, since her comic-self exists to exploit her boobs in every comic, and I worried Kitty might get offended. All my other friends/family/lovers will be offended by what I turn them into, but ha! They'll just have to deal – Kitty just got oldest-best-friend perks. Plus, someone had to tell me I was funny.

I think I have finally got enough material for a new zine. On my last zine, I was split fairly evenly between diary entries from the 'Net and off-line writing; I think I'm good now to fill the whole thing with little comics and from my paper diary entries. Whee. We'll see. ^_^;

Finally, I scoped out patterns today and a couple that I like. So I'll be heading to JoAnn's or Hancock's when I have a bit of cash to look for BRA patterns with the numbers I wrote down! ^_^ It uses little fabric and the stitching doesn't matter, so I can get lots of practice. Woo-hoo! ^_^

Oh, and I am sparkly and shiny and bubble-gum/cheesecake flavored today. Woah. Don't you wish you could have a taste/smell?

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