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Pete's Newspaper

I stayed after school today to help our fledgling school newspaper spread its wings and fly up into the sky. But after looking over the articles and pictures today, I have a feeling that it will sink, not soar.
Some of the articles were good, excellent even. There was an article on music piracy, and an almost truthful one about cheerleaders.

But the majority were either mediocre or bad. I couldn't understand how anyone would want to submit this to a publisher. It didn't make any statement, unless the fact that we were floundering desperately is something that needed to be said.

There was an article about someone's '86 Camero, for Pete's sake. Surely they could think of something better?

But I am merely a lowly cartoonist, not even a permanant member of the class. I have Leadership to thank for that. So my opinion is worthless, even though I suspect I could run circles around the current Editor-In-Chief. But I like her, so I will not complain about her.

By the way, who the heck is Pete?
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