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At the moment I'm playing alchemist, and trying to create a signature scent for Makaiju Distro's lovely new Bath & Body Product Line. (Coming soon!) I've got bar soap, bath salts, lotion, body spray, and lip balm coming up, and I want at to have a special scent for, if nothing else, a bar of soap. I mean, it'd be so cool. The soap would have to have glitter in it, because glitter is fun. ^_^ And glitter against a dark soap would be like stars in the sky, and the Makaiju are an alien race, after all. ^_^ I have no freakin' idea what a "space" scent would be, so suggestions in that area - no matter how silly - would be awesome.

First time tryin' to make a poll, if it doesn't work I'll be forced to make sniffly little tears.

Poll #166695 My First Poll

What sort of scents do you like?

Fruity! The more berries or citrus the better!
Floral! I like the garden's variety!
Foodie! I like to smell good enough to eat!
Exotic! It's all about patchouli, sandalwood, and other incense-y scents!
Do I look like a freak? I prefer to smell as little as possible!
Natural all the way, baby!

Wow, I hope that works.
...D'oh! Forgot to change the title! time I'll just use the poll generator, which like an idiot I didn't notice 'til I did it the other way.

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